The therapists have completed Bernard Rouch’s training, and are now assisting at his courses. They are available to offer their help and support by way of the Egyptian-Essene Therapies.

These treatments can help to improve health, develop new ways of looking at difficult situations and understand more fully the reasons for any discomfort.

Each practitioner is enriched by different life experiences, and can be chosen according to your particular needs.

Photo of Arianna D’Angiolino
Arianna D’Angiolino
Brighton, East Sussex, UK +44 (0) 7476

Since she was a child she felt a strong attraction to metaphysical and spiritual topics. She lived in  ashrams for some years, in Italy and in India, devoting herself full time to soul searching, to the study of Vedic texts, and to humanitarian and social initiatives. The encounter with the Egyptian-Essene Therapies was fundamental: it enabled her to find a common matrix among different spiritual traditions, to make a deeper contact with the body, to harmonise and integrate Spirit and Matter, the Female and Male aspects within herself, and, above all, it allowed her to reconnect to the life task, rediscovering potential and intuitive abilities. These wonderful therapies represent a further opportunity to help herself and others release energy blockades, to overcome fears, to heal any emotional wounds and traumas of the past, so as to restore inner balance and serenity. She is also dedicated to meditation, to the study of Bach Remedies, angelic channelling, bhakti and mantra yoga.

Photo of Maria Pareo
Maria Pareo
Londra, South/East +44 (0)

Hello everyone, my name is Maria, I’m an Egyptian/Essene therapist, Singer/Songwriter, Intuitive Painter and an Artisan.
I also attended the Holistic Academy in Rome and I have Reiki level 1.

My life is a creative and conscious exploration of the profoundity of the Soul.
The Egyptian/Essene therapy helped me to integrate and heal different parts of me, bringing me closer everyday to my spiritual self and my humanity. Rediscovering the Sacred Sound, Ancient gestures, Therapies and Rituals that leads to healing the human being on many energetic levels.
My main work is to create beauty, harmony and bring hope using the Egyptian/Essene therapy and Art.
Hands are my way to contact the countless shades of this plane of reality and myself.
Working and listening to vibrations give me the strength and the courage to deal with illusions, prejudice, emptiness, wounds that we found in life luggages but also to explore the beauty and the perfection of this universe and feeling grateful to be part of this immensity.
Our precious hands are a bridge between our higher self and our little self.

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