Conference – December 6, 2013

The guideguide
Conference of Bernard Rouch

Probably, at some point in our lives, we
perceived a positive presence at our side, what is it?
They are loved ones, no body, who watch over us? it is
our guardian angel who helps us in the difficult moments of life?
There are many guides that are evoked in our tradition
Judeo-Christian, the best known are the angels, but there are also many
celestial hierarchies, each with a specific mission for us.
At the time
of the apostles, the contact with the rails was common. The first communities
Christians used this medium for important decisions, both
individual and collective. Their role, then as now, is
primarily to help us find ourselves, to point the finger
our true heart.
Finding this contact is very valuable, especially in this
companies often devoid of reference points. But who are they, in fact,
these beings? We can really help you? How can we get in
contact with them?
These questions will be addressed starting from the first centuries of
Christian tradition, but also in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. the
conference will be followed by practical exercises to relate to
other planes of consciousness.


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