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The miracle of Easter

What is the true miracle of Easter? The fact that Jesus died and was resurrected? That’s how the story goes, but what is the point for us today? The miracle we celebrate is the triumph of the power of Life … Continue reading

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The earth trembles in Italy… An alternative explanation to the earthquake

Nearly twenty years after the earthquake that devastated Umbria and Marche, another earthquake has struck those regions on the night of Wednesday, causing at least 247 deaths when entire buildings collapsed.The question arises: ‘Why all this?’ Are earthquakes simply an … Continue reading

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A true inner Easter: walking unhurriedly

Walking unhurriedly means stopping sometimes to observe what surrounds us. Often, what is outside is a reflexion of what is inside us. It allows to watch ourselves better, like when we stand in front of a mirror. It is easier … Continue reading

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