The earth trembles in Italy… An alternative explanation to the earthquake

planet earthNearly twenty years after the earthquake that devastated Umbria and Marche, another earthquake has struck those regions on the night of Wednesday, causing at least 247 deaths when entire buildings collapsed.The question arises: ‘Why all this?’ Are earthquakes simply an inevitability? In addition to the geophysical explanations, many may wonder what the reasons are for this violent movement of tectonic plates.

To try to understand it, you should imagine that the earth were like a gigantic human body. The earth’s crust absorbs everything that happens to it, just like our skin does. This includes not only environmental pollution but also pollution generated by our thoughts and emotions. These have a powerful energy, much more than we can imagine.

As often happens to us in our lives, the earth is also capable of accumulating this energy within itself over a long period. If the energy received is not positive, there comes a time for our planet to eliminate it, discharging what it has accumulated over time. The earth “sneezes” to rid itself of everything that was concentrated in its soil. This is why a wave of fear and sadness which is not only connected to the sufference of those directly affected by the earthquake can be often perceived when such a destructive event happens.

The release of these emotions clearly occurs in the places where the earth’s crust can unleash this energy, but it does not necessarily mean that the accumulation of thoughts and emotions occurred in the same place where the earthquake struck.

In ancient times, there was an energy grid to help the earth unload these accumulations; it was facilitated by constructing megalithic structures such as dolmens and menhirs. These large stones planted in the soil functioned as a kind of acupuncture for the earth itself.

Today this earthquake reminds us once again that our planet should never be taken for granted but rather deeply loved, and that compassion for every human being should be the basis of our task of life. We are all responsible for our thoughts and actions. Prayer is the ideal tool to loosen and help Mother Earth and all her living creatures, together with humanitarian aid and solidarity of the heart. Today and tomorrow, our thoughts, prayers and understanding are addressed to the families and people affected by the earthquake and to Mother Earth, so that she can give them the peace and the comfort to return to live serenely.

Bernard and Angie

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A true inner Easter: walking unhurriedly

Majestas-Domini-Hitda-CodexWalking unhurriedly means stopping sometimes to observe what surrounds us. Often, what is outside is a reflexion of what is inside us. It allows to watch ourselves better, like when we stand in front of a mirror.

It is easier to recognise our behaviour in others rather than in ourselves. We walk step by step to rediscover the link between the inside and the outside; between the sacred inner space in which the soul exist and the outside world where we experiment ourselves; between the place from which we can listen to our deeper self and the place that allows us listen to others; between the breath that connects us to the Divine and that connecting us to others. Thus, walking unhurriedly is something we have forgotten and that we need to find once again.

Technological progress has introduced many different means to immediately connect to each other. This is a big help in our everyday life, but it is also true that there are moments in which we should not be in a hurry, nor try to further increase the speed at which we do things. Let us remember the time in which the Internet and mobile telephones did not exist, when things got done but in their own time. We need to discern what is important, and not to chase after too many things at once. Trying to do too many things, even if necessary at times, leads us outside of ourselves.

Social networks make us feel in constant need of being in touch with others, surrounded by others, while the surrounding world is more and more concerned with its own needs, and less and less concerned with others’.

Take some time to walk unhurriedly allows better understanding of the teachings of Christ, as well as the reasons for his walking from village to village, to reach people’s hearts and touch their soul. He walked slowly, despite knowing that his time was limited by a very close deadline (he only preached for three years).

Today we struggle to understand this, but two thousand years ago, when the average life expectation was thirty, people nevertheless took the time to live. Jesus knew there would be a deadline to fulfil his mission. His way of pacing, the way he placed his feet on the ground, was a way of advancing (moving forward) while remaining in touch with himself and his Father. Only in this way was he able to be simultaneously connected to everybody. Never a wrong word, never an unfair gesture, but rather the ability to answer and spread his message thanks to his ability to know himself.

What we wish for you today is to learn to walk consciously, to move through life paying attention to all that happens. Paying attention means also listening to the news, reading the events with a similar attitude. Only in this way will we be aware of what the planet is really asking us, beyond obvious appearances. We will be reborn with a new intent: that of experiencing first-hand the change we want to bring in the world, that of improving ourselves, without being ‘tepid’ and indulgent.

We should bring this attitude in everyday life, in the desire to truly feel the connection with ourselves, the Father, the Divine, and others.

Often we are so busy that we forget the meaning of the Holy Week. This is to relive the stages of the life of Christ, which are the stages of our own life. Every time something causing us distress or a change in our life occurs, we should remember His death on the cross. Suffering is proportional to our resistance to change. Being aware of that should give us the strength not to give up, to continue to be reborn as ourselves. The days leading up to Easter are days of preparation that we should live without hurry, remembering that, at the end of the week, we will celebrate Easter’s joyful day, in which sufferance and disbelief have been replaced by a sense of wonder and happiness, raised by the fulfilment of his Word.

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Ode to Spring


When there are days like this when the sun is shining and the temperature gets up then it gets the skin change of season. With spring comes a new birth which is not only the nature but also inside us.

Winter is over and it’s time to get out of our inner shell. We can open the doors of our soul to new realities, new ideas, new projects. Continue reading

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Bernard Rouch Conference – April 3, 2014

The task of life

compitodivita   The task of life is identified with the values​​, talents and abilities that we recognize our soul but the rationality and objectivity are sometimes at odds with our true essence.
For this reason we suggest an evening of “work”, with meditations and practical exercises, through which the participants put into play on the theme of Creation of the Self.
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Conference of Bernard Rouch – May 30, 2014

Spirits of nature


Who are the spirits of nature? Really Exist? What influence do they have on our lives? How do we know?

These and other questions of the conference is dedicated to Bernard Rouch. During the conference we will know the spirits of nature, where they live, what they look like. We’ll find out their meaning, their role and thanks to the beautiful park of the host structure will have the opportunity to get in direct contact. What do they tell us? What important message to give and what they have to reveal secrets?

The many experiences with children have inspired Bernard to raise awareness of these wonderful beings but also to adults. Perhaps among them there will be one by which time we were talking and we could even play … before discovering that you could not do.

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Bernard Rouch Conference – February 9, 2014

“The balance of being through

therapies Egyptian Essene “


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Afternoon workshop of Bernard Rouch Thursday, January 23, 2014

“PARENTS TODAY between roots and wings”


Bernard Rouch

Humanity is now entering its phase adolescienziale.
Prerequisite to make it possible to clear this passage is that each of
we become aware of what the PAST is the basis for the Future,
a BASIC “Holy” from which comes the responsibility.
If we have integrated well in the past, the future will receive Life with “V” capitalized through
us and the Earth will be respected and supported in its development by future generations. ”
The work of this afternoon with Bernard aims to create a link between the time of
and the creation of development cycle required to clarify the
HONOR the past to the future NOURISH.

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Conference – December 6, 2013

The guideguide
Conference of Bernard Rouch

Probably, at some point in our lives, we
perceived a positive presence at our side, what is it?
They are loved ones, no body, who watch over us? it is
our guardian angel who helps us in the difficult moments of life?
There are many guides that are evoked in our tradition
Judeo-Christian, the best known are the angels, but there are also many
celestial hierarchies, each with a specific mission for us.
Continue reading

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Conference – October 25, 2013

Probably, at some point in our lives, we perceived a positive presence at our side, what is it? They are loved ones, no body, who watch over us? This is our guardian angel who helps us in the difficult moments of life?

Continue reading

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Master and disciple of himself

Sai Baba

Sai Baba

Sai Baba the Indian master has left the body on Easter morning 2011. A month before he died another great Indian master: Swami Premananda. In recent months, several spiritual teachers from East to West have left us. Faced with these events comes a deep reflection. Because these events are so close together? Why now?

This suggests that a generation of spiritual masters is gone and those who follow them will bring a renewed message. Several new figures are emerging in the spiritual world. Among the most known are Palden Dorje, the guy who has been meditating all day in a tree in Nepal and is often called “Little Buddha”. Already as a child he liked to meditate for hours next to a tree. We also find another future teacher who is considered the reincarnation of Babaji and has been recognized by the chief disciple of Babaji, Muniraj in October 2010. Himself said that Sai Baba will reincarnate from 9 lunar years.

Palden Dorje

Palden Dorje

The reincarnation of Sai Baba as that of other teachers who have come to the task accompany humanity towards the change that is brewing. Humanity is evolving faster and faster in recent decades and thus also the lessons they need. The growth of individualism and materialism in our society creates new challenges. Pass from selfishness to self-love. From the solitude and introspection in search of themselves.

The question that arises is why the masters like Sai Baba Premananda and could not stay with us in this transformation? In the life of Sai Baba, we can read over his greatness, to be a prisoner of himself ‘as Master and the many questions that were asked. A man and ‘measured with the disease and its many who relied on him. A Master-man who has dedicated his life to the development of humanity, but that he could no longer live and then to live its growth. He had more free time. Jesus himself, regularly escaped from the crowd even weeks to live it alone.

I understand the sense of disorientation of many people who were linked to Sai Baba, Premananda and to other teachers. Their message is still alive within us. At this stage of mourning, we can help to keep it alive, to perpetuate their mission. Today more than ever, all the work that these teachers as they built hospitals, orphanages, schools need real help.

Haidakhan Babaji

Haidakhan Babaji

In particular, the role of education has been to Sai Baba Premananda an important goal. As Sai Baba himself said: “True education is not simply allows a child to learn how to earn a living, prepares him to live his own life.

Education for him is not taught, but it evokes. The basis of every religion is love and it is a model teacher. Our personality or character is the result of the union between thought, word and deed. What you talking about Sai Baba summarizes the three “H”

  • one is for the heart (Hearth in English)
  • one is for the head (Head)
  • one is for the hands (Hands)

When there is harmony between these three parts are really becomes a man, a human-divine. I think this is also a testament that we leave these teachers. It is up to us to put them into practice in our daily lives.

The traditional pattern of teaching through the devotional and ritual is outdated. The very notion of teacher who “sacrificed” his life is not ‘more necessary in our times. The new masters show the ancient meaning of “sacrifice” that ‘”to make sacred” their lives and the lives of humanity itself. Even the very meaning of mentor and disciple is changing because so many of us, in a widespread manner, we bring forward the evolutionary support with those around us. We understand better than the common goal for humanity today is to become masters and disciples of ourselves.

Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital, Puttaparthi, A.P., India
Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital, Puttaparthi, A.P., India
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